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Why Walk for Water
  1. Globally, an estimated 8 billion people are drinking contaminated water. The per capita availability of water in India was 1,816 cubic metres, as per the 2001 census, which has declined to 1,545 cubic metres as per the 2011 Census.
  2. Lack of access. 50% of the people in India do not have access to clean and safe drinking water at affordable cost.
  3. Failure of existing projects to due lack of community involvement. 50% of projects and efforts to make water accessible fail due to lack of community involvement.
  4. Loss of valuable man hours. Women and children spend 175 million work hours collecting water.
  5. Major cause of health problems. 80% of the disease cause due to drinking unsafe water.
  6. Leading to various diseases and ailments.
  7. Cause majority of deaths. Today in India, 580 people die due to water borne diseases every day.
  8. Impacting living standards. Sickness or care for a sick family member impacts the meager income of rural household.
  9. 20% of rural earning is spent on healthcare.

It is estimated that by 2020, India will become a water-stressed nation.

Due to lack of awareness of water and sanitation most of the people are suffering with waterborne diseases like GE (gastro entries), Diarrhea, cholera, fluorosis and many more water contaminated diseases. 90% of Rural habitations in India do not treat the drinking water before consumption. The State is forced to meet substantial quantity of its water requirement from ground water especially during summer. Earlier studies indicated that unlined drains and pollution dumping sites and let out of untreated industrial effluents in the recharge areas acts as source of pollution. There is an urgent need to implement integrated water supply schemes Clean water is highly essential to create a healthy society and workforce. Clean water reach contributes to enhanced health (by arresting water borne diseases like diarrhea and dysentery, reduced time for fetching water, so that women and children use that time for home building and children for studies respectively.

Add your own meaning and cry to the call! Begin with “Walk for Water”, the newest social momentum that is coming to your cities from Hyderabad. Witness and stand hand in hand with your friends, colleagues, relatives and families. Young or Old, Man or Woman, whichever is your religion, whatever drives you…. Make Water Your New Primal Focus!

After All, Life Flows Through Water, Right!?