Let’s get the most from water before it loses itself in the Ocean!

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Imagine yourself or your child here

Typical Third World image, isn’t it?

Imagine yourself or your child here

A walk separated the primordial human from other animals. However long, a walk begins with just one step and the sole determination to reach the goal. Let’s walk again, this time to preserve the very basic source that gave birth to life – Water! A drop of water could mean life, health, livelihood, quality of life and industry. This precious bounty of Nature – Water is under threat from us. Centuries of misuse, wastage and pollution of this life giving resource by humans has endangered the future of our children. Will there be enough water for all? This scary scenario is not futuristic or alarmist; it might happen within our lifetimes as climate change impacts precipitation patterns and aquifers are depleted. Already, water stress has affected the lives of millions of people in Africa, Asia, North and South America.

 The United Nations General Assembly has recognized that clean drinking water and sanitation are essential to the realization of all human rights. The Honourable Supreme Court has time and again declared access to clean drinking water a fundamental right as part of the right to life under Article 21 of the Indian Constitution. Yet, for large sections of the populace, it is very hard to find clean water, let alone get access to it. At any one time, close to half of all people in developing countries are suffering from health problems caused by poor water and sanitation. Together, unclean water and poor sanitation are the world’s second biggest killer of children. Walk for Water was set up with the sole aim of providing clean water access to one and all. Aware that nearly half of all supplied water in India is lost due to leakage, we are determined to build up a mass movement to increase awareness, minimize wastage, promote rainwater harvesting and the purification of recycled and contaminated water. On 22nd March 2020, Walk For Water plans to organize multiple events in at least 1000 locations around India, covering every district and municipal area and in 100 countries around the globe.

Water, Water Everywhere But Not A Drop To Drink! Let’s Make Water Everybody’s Business by Promoting Water Conservation, Water Treatment and Rainwater Harvesting.