Save water today to sustain your living tomorrow

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Budda Reddy’s family has five members – three children and their parents. They all have kidney diseases, two are diagnosed with cancer, the youngest had a defective birth, the mother had two miscarriages in between. Reasons are the presence of fluoride, nitrates, iron, silicon, strontium and heavy metals like uranium in the ground water. With so many problems, life seems a punishment for them. If only they could access cleaner water, the parents could have had a better life and thought of providing better for their children too.


Presently, whatever little Budda Reddy earns is not enough to even cover their medical expenses. Nutritional food is a distant dream for the children. Better education or better future for them is not even in the horizon.


About 20 to 50 liters of safe drinking water could bring life turning changes in their lives. Just about Rs. 4 to Rs.10 are all they might need at the rate of 0.20 paise per liter if there is a desalination plant in their vicinity.


Adopt such a family. Every gulp of clean water you will take will taste sweeter and more nourishing to you, as you will be sharing the same lifesaving ambrosia with Budda Reddy’s family. Open your arms to such a family in need, open your hearts to the well being of your fellow human beings. Remember “Water Now, Water Tomorrow, Safe Water for All.”