Save water today to sustain your living tomorrow

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Our vision is to ensure that there be no need to worry for a basic, essential, life sustaining natural source like safe water by people belonging to the Third World or the First World, or any thirsty mouth from around the globe, sooner than later.

“Walk for Water” is an awareness, participative, collaborative social movement drawing more and more people for this fight that might alter the way life is known in the World today.

To walk has been a natural act for modern man. To abuse the nature’s bounty has been an aberration the modern industrial world has brought upon us. We propose to counter this illness of present day life by asking you to join us on this walk that will bring us all together and help us realize the urgent need to get our act together.

Being socially aware within your personal confines is not enough when the very basis of life is at a threat. We do not have the luxury to be relaxed about this as long as there is running water in our own taps. If any of you has heard of societies that are experiencing severe water shortage, wells drying up, it is probably already late. Now is the time to act.

Just walk, show that you care; tell your friends to join, add to the awareness.

Donate, help us in making this important event bigger and better; donate by sponsoring a family, show that you attach great value to “Water Now, Water Tomorrow, Safe Water for All.”